Syria Street

Brandon Tauszik, of the International Committee of the Red Cross, in a feat of excellent photojournalism, has captured the stories of the inhabitants of Syria Street in Lebanon. Here is the story of Hana Awad.

“Syria Street used to be called the ‘Golden Street’ because it was buzzing with business. But due to violence all the major stores moved to other parts of Tripoli. You can still see the old signs, but the shops are empty and there is no life.

screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-12-19-15My husband used to have a nice car showroom on Syria Street. As the clashes worsened, customers who used to come from Beirut stopped coming out of fear. He eventually had to close down the shop, but we have seven children and quickly spent all our savings. My husband fell into depression and stayed at home, so I decided to leave the house and earn an income for the first time.

I began volunteering in the kitchen of a local NGO that provides education for kids from both Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen together. I passed the training course and was hired as a chef in their kitchen full-time. I work there now with many other ladies from both sides of Syria Street, which is so inspiring. Ten years ago, a woman working was considered taboo, the husband was the breadwinner. Now women in Bab al-Tabbaneh work more than men as we overcome taboos. I work hard and at the end of the week I get paid. That is my life now! Thank God.”

You can read more about these amazing stories here.

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