Spotlight: Marina Jaber – the master of art of activism

Iraqi women cyclists took to the streets of Baghdad in the country’s first “female bike marathon” in a show of defiance and solidarity. Dozens of women got on their bikes after a photo went viral showing an Iraqi woman riding through Baghdad’s streets with the message: “I am society.”

screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-11-15-11Marina Jaber said she did this because she wanted to “break the status quo of Iraqi society”, where it is uncommon, to say the least, to see Iraqi women on a cycle.

“My ambition is not just riding a bicycle… riding a bicycle was a symbol to break the status quo of Iraqi society,” Marina Jaber said. “Before I used to blame society for so many things that I could not do as a woman, but I discovered that the society is me.”

Since the drive last December, there have been more women in Baghdad who have embraced this simplistic method of travel and reclaimed their right to ride their way into history.

Below is a slide show of images captured by Betoul Mahdey of the marathon that happened last month in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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