A cup of coffee is more than just a morning drink; it’s the smell, the memories, the childhood, the return to what once was. It is the touch, the taste, the mornings with him, or the smile she gave you over the rim of her finjaan. Every cup of coffee is distinctly different from another, which is why every story is different, and the root of all compassion is to learn of their stories, in order to appreciate how they come together to shape them into who they are.

The same way we leave a shadow behind us when we walk, our coffee leaves dregs behind. Legend has it that the dregs map out our future, telling stories. We too have our own dregs, our motivations, histories, our own challenges and inspirations.

Finjaan is an online cafe that welcomes women with roots in the MENA region to share their world, to celebrate their accomplishments and to take charge of the microcosms of their communities to leave their finger prints on the wider world.